Calm Mind and Body through Sports Psychology

by Coach Guerci on December 4, 2009

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The American weightlifting star, Tara Nott, spoke about the benefits of sports psychology and mental training. She clinched the gold medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Nott stated, “Weightlifting is a very mental sport.” She added, “If you don’t believe you can lift the weight, even if you are strong enough, you probably aren’t going to lift the weight.” Her victory is thus an achievement of mental and physical strength.

A number of external factors distract the players such as:
• the roaring crowd
• excessive media

The important thing to do is to avoid internal issues such as:
• previous mistakes
• capability of the opponents
• fear of losing

In order to block these distractions, the players need to align the mind with the body. This was done by implementing sports hypnosis techniques.

Sports Psychology: Mental Training Tips
Sports psychology offers several mental training tips to calm the mind and body:
• Visualization: It involves creating mental images of what the desired outcome.
• Concentration: Players can align their mind and body by releasing negative thoughts.
• Relaxation: It is possible to attain a state of complete relaxation through deep breathing. This relaxes a player’s muscles and releases stress.
• Positive Self-talk: Initiating inner dialogue about the successful actions and desired outcome improves a player’s sense of well-being.
• Goal-setting: It is crucial to set realistic goals.
Sports psychology coach Guerci offers comprehensive mental training sessions to the clients to stay calm.

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